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No-till is the term for minimizing soil disturbance when planting or harvesting a crop. Traditional tillage tools like plows, discs, field cultivaors, harrows, turbo-till and rippers are not used in a continuous no-till system. Minimizing soil disturbance is one of the 5 soil health principles, and the foundation for systems of regenerative agriculture.

Field equipment like no-till planters and airseeders have reduced the need for tillage for good seed to soil contact. Weed control is often accomplished through crop rotation, heavy residues from cash crops and cover crops


  • Differences in Tilled and No-till Soils

    During CTIC 2011 Conservation in Action Tour, USDA-NRCS Ohio state agronomist Mark Scarpitti demonstrates differences between tilled and no-till soils in ability to absorb fertilizer and avoid runoff...

  • A Framework for Change - One Producer, One Farm at a Time

    The South Central Kansas Residue Alliance presents "A Framework for Change". A documentary about the transitional change in mindset and farming practice that it takes to preserve soil health.