Principal Scientist at Rhizoterra Inc.

Jill Clapperton recognized the ability of no tillage to promote soil biological activity early in her 16 year career as the Rhizosphere Ecologist at the Agriculture and Agri Food Canada Lethbridge Research Centre in Lethbridge Alberta Canada. After moving to the USA with her husband and family, Jill began her career as an entrepreneur first as the owner of Earthspirit Consulting and then as the Co-Founder of Rhizoterra Inc.  Jill Clapperton is a well-known international speaker on topics relating to creating and managing healthy productive soils, crop rotation and cover crops.  She is working to develop and adapt technologies for improved on farm decision-making based on science.

Jill Clapperton is also the Founder of the Worm Watch Program that uses earthworms as indicators of environmental sustainability and soil health for which she won the Environment Canada Patricia Roberts – Pichette Award for Enthusiastic leadership and commitment to advancing ecological monitoring and research in Canada. In 2014, received the Syngenta National No Till Award for Leadership and Education, and in 2016 she received the National No Till Award for being a Legend in No Till.

Rhizoterra Inc. is a purveyor of information and independent research that supports food growers and consumers around the World in making informed decisions based on science.

Photo by Larry Reichenberger