August 23, 2016


Waverly, Kansas

Soil Health Workshop

The soil health workshop is on line for registration. We will have a lot of topics to discuss. From livestock,British white cattle, cash crops, cover crops, direct marketing, long term to short term no till. We have brought in folks with honest experience to share with others.. We will keep you informed as time gets closer. Thank you to the sponsors and especially Jason Rourke of Natures Harvest for putting the flier together. The goal of the workshop is to bring honest informative experience to help folks take there operation to the next level. No matter what type of operation you have I hope this will be a source for future success!! 


Registration at the Farm

Rain Simulator (Doug Peterson, NRCS & Candy Thomas, NRCS)

Grazing, Fencing & Livestock (Brian Crowther & Darin Williams) Cover Crops (Keith Berns)
Poultry Integration (Nancy Williams & Jason Rourke)

Break and Move to Community Building
Keith Berns (Selecting the Right Cover Crops)

BBQ Lunch Provided, Wayne Horner (Non-GMO Crops)

Ray Archuleta (Increased Soil Function Decreases Dependency on Chemical Inputs)

Dave Brandt (40+ Years of No-Till Experience Using Cover Crops to Your Advantage)


Darin Williams (Making a Difference with Livestock, Cover Crops and No-Till)

Cost is $50 if registered by July 31, 2016,  $75 at the door. Limited to 175: 


Sponsored by:
Green Cover Seed
Combes Crop Insurance, Waverly, KS

No-Till On The Plains
Nature’s Harvest, LLC
Bar C Land and Cattle