No-till Producer, Blackwell, OK

Tom Cannon marks the fourth generation on Goodson Ranch near Blackwell, OK. After his father suffered a debilitating pickup truck accident in 1997, Tom left his education at Oklahoma State University to help on the ranch. 

Finding the soil at 1% organic matter, Tom attended his first No-till on the Plains Winter Conference in 1998. The experience led the Goodson Ranch CEO to sell all the tillage equipment and convert to 100% no-till. Now, among other radical experiences, Tom finds his soil testing at 3% organic matter. Back then, he sold all but 50 cows and continued only with stockers. Today, he manages 175 cows and says he regrets not including cattle in his no-till system all along. 

“I have a passion for our creation and an even greater passion for the Creator,” Tom says. “Responsibility for good stewardship tops my list of occupational duties.”

Tom and his father have been awarded the Oklahoma Governor’s ASCS Environmental Award, and the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Environmental Stewardship Awards.