Dale Stickler, Agronomist, Green Cover Seed, Coutrtland, KS

Sponsored Session: Green Cover Seed

Many generations of our forefather farmers actively practiced "Ley Farming" which is the growing of perennial mixes (grass, legumes and forbs) as a part of the annual cash cropping rotation. The obvious benefits to ley farming were the increase in soil fertility and structure and a reduction in weed pressure during the perennial phase of the rotation. The advent of commercial fertilizers and herbicides largely ended ley farming a generation ago. Recently however, a better understanding of soil biology and a desire to reduce dependence on commercial inputs has led to renewed interest in ley farming. Green Cover Seed agronomist, Dale Strickler, will share how a perennial ley sequence can fit into your crop rotation and how it will benefit the soil, the cattle, and the subsequent cash crops to be grown.

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