• Chasing Soil Health Paying Off

    Brett Margraf

    Most farmers are addicted to tillage, the Margraf’s are addicted to growing healthy soils.  Before the phrase healthy soils was coined, Bret and his father Gene, were adopting practices like cover...

  • Basics of Holistic Management

    Byron Shelton, Senior Program Director, Savory Institute

    Allan Savory’s work originated in response to some of the most pressing problems of the world’s grasslands and is often associated with Holistic Planned Grazing. However, did you know that Holistic...

  • Valuing Soil Health

    Dr. Jill Clapperton, Rhizoterra Inc.

    Healthy productive soil is the foundation of all agriculture- it doesn’t matter how many traits corn has- it still needs to grow and be productive in soil.

  • Grazing Management "For Us" All we really know for sure... What We Don't Want to do Again

    Yates Adcock, Cattle & Forage Manager, Dustin, OK

    Yates' metamorphosis to no-till came after years of conventional tillage wheat for winter pasture. In 2011 during extreme drought they lost Bermuda on sandy low organic matter soils ad used a warm...

  • Regeneration and Resilience in Farming Systems

    Sarah Singla, No-till Producer, France

    What is beyond no-till? What if we could go way further? What if we could regenerate the soil fertility faster with new ways of farming? What if we could be more resilient on the farm?

  • Improve Production Efficiency-More Dollars per Acre

    Derek Axten

    Derek Axten and his family have a low disturbance no-till farm in Southern Saskatchewan near Minton.  They work together to protect, assess and improve their soils.

  • Ecological Nutrient Management

    Ray Archuleta, Soil Scientist & Farmer, Seymour, MO

    High cost of inputs and low commodity prices impact farmers bottom line. Increase your understanding on how the Dr. Rick Haney test is one good indicator of soil function. This talk will also focus...

  • Holistic Management in the 21st Century

    John Stigge, Producer & Holistic Manager, Washington, KS

    John Stigge manages the family farm located in Washington County, KS. The farm has been over 30 years of never-till, 22 years of continuous cover crop usage, and 11 years of regenerative farming....

  • It's All About the Carbon and the Profit

    Keith Berns, Jimmy Emmons, Darin Williams

    Keith Berns will share his vision of the "carbon economy" that takes place in the soil marketplace. On Tuesday, Jimmy Emmons will follow Keith with actual economic numbers from his farm focusing on...

  • Managing Southern Weeds with No-till, Cotton and Covers

    Adam Chappell, No-till producer, Cotton Plant, AR

    Adam will share his family’s transition to a soil health farming system. They utilize multiple strategies to and innovative cropping practices, including cotton in the rotation, to suppress resistant...

  • Farming with Cover Crops in the Dust Bowl

    Nick Vos, No-till Producer, Hugoton, KS

    Nick will share his story about how a native South African became a first generation American farmer. He will share his successes and struggles making no-till and cover crops work in an area that...

  • Managing a Mixed Crop, Pasture and Livestock System

    Jim Johnson and Russ Jackson

    Jim Johnson and Russ Jackson will share how they are utilizing and managing their crop acres, native and tame pasture acres, and livestock herds while improving soil health. Jim and Russ each manage...

  • Cover Crops in Western Kansas

    Brice Custer, No-till Producer, Hays, KS

    Brice started introducing cover crops into a no-till cropping rotation in western Kansas because of a fire.  Left with bare soils with high pH, Brice knew it was going to blow if he did not get the...

  • Rethinking Minerals and Microbes: Addressing the Links Between Soil Biology, Plant Nutrition and Crop Physiological Health

    Joel Williams, Plant & Soil Health Consultant

    After many decades of chemistry and physics dominating scientific thinking, we are in the midst of a very exciting time for the biological sciences. This holds true in many arenas of the natural...

  • Soil Biology Panel

    Jill Clapperton, Adam Chappell, Kris Nichols

    A panel discussion with this trio is sure to be exciting, enlightening, entertaining and most of all informative. Jill, Kris and Adam will share a few initial thoughts about the importance of...

  • GENERAL SESSION--Regenerating Our Soil; Rejuvenating Our Farming and Ranching Life

    Jimmy Emmons, No-till Producer & Stockman, Leedey, OK

    Regeneration of our soils led to rejuvenation of our lives. When Ginger and I began the path of soil health we never dreamed how it would change our soil, much less our life. We used to ride tractors...

  • SPONSOR SESSION-Ley it on the Line - A New Way To Think About Crop Rotation

    Dale Stickler, Agronomist, Green Cover Seed, Coutrtland, KS

    Sponsored Session: Green Cover Seed

  • SPONSOR SESSION-How Tax Reform Will Impact Your Bottom Line

    Brad Palen, K-Coe Isom

      The U.S. is undergoing the first overhaul to its tax system in three decades. This dramatic rewrite of the tax code zeros out many deductions, reduces corporate and individual tax rates, creates a...

  • Feeding the Livestock Below Ground

    John Heermann, No-till Producer, Haxtun, CO

    John will explain the basics of our underground ecosystem of the soil food web.  He will provide a farmer’s perspective on how utilizing no-till, diversity, livestock, and cover crops can keep this...

  • The Science Underlying the Core Principles in Regenerative Agriculture

    Jonathan Lundgren, Entomologist and Agroecologist

    Regenerative farms are unified by a series of core principles. Stop or reduce soil tillage. Never leave bare soil. Develop more plant diversity in the farmscape. Integrate crops and animals. Here, we...

  • SPONSOR SESSION:Harnessing Micro-organisms to Benefit Agriculture: Local Solutions to Local Problems

    Dr. Kelly Craven, Nobel Research Institute

    Dr. Craven analyzes microbes that grow in and around plant roots to identify ones that may help the plant grow and thrive. Some microbes assist with nutrient solubility or nitrogen-fixation, while...

  • A Systems Approach to Weed Control

    Josh Lloyd, No-till Producer, Clay Center, KS

    Josh will be sharing his experiences how he uses no-till, rotation, cover crops, herbicides, and timing to control weeds.  Emphasis will be put on how he is using cover crops to control weeds so that...

  • Linking Regenerating Soil to Human Health and Adapting to Climatic Uncertainty

    Dr. Kristin Nichols, Rodale Institute

    Regenerating soil by increasing soil organic matter and biological activity enhances nutrient cycling and water use efficiency. As a result, crop plants are healthier and more resistant to pests and...

  • Economics of Multi-Forage Grazing

    Jacob Miller, Rancher & Stockman, Culbertson, NE

    Jacob Miller will discuss using an efficient grazing system to reduce the cost of running cattle while improving soil health. This will include grazing cattle for 365 days a year and the opportunity...

  • GENERAL SESSION--Locally Putting an End to Self-inflicted Drought, Debt and Depopulation

    Allan Savory

    Allan Savory will explain why present management is reductionist and is the cause of  most droughts, crippling debt and emigration that are within our control locally.  He will talk about a study...

  • Growing a Revolution

    David Montgomery, Author & Professor, University of Washington

    In Growing a Revolution, David R. Montgomery introduces us to farmers around the world at the heart of a brewing soil health revolution that could bring humanity’s ailing soil back to life remarkably...

  • Livestock are Essential to Achieve Lasting, Regenerative and Profitable Farming; But It Is Essential to Abandon all Rotational and Other Grazing Systems

    Allan Savory

    Allan will explain clearly why the biological problem of regenerating agricultural soils needs more than technology and fire.  Those being the only two tools we have used for thousands of years, and...

  • Managing Your Human Resources Holistically

    Bryon Shelton & Julie Mettenburg, Savory Institute

    Many people think of Allan Savory’s Holistic Management as a grazing paradigm. In fact, true to its name, Holistic Management is a powerful tool for managing the complexity across your whole...